Your Instagram Profile Set For a New Look With These Coming Upgrades


To all Instagram lovers, things are going to be a little different in the next couple of weeks, with a couple of shake-ups promised by the company. Not surprisingly them things are going to be a little different from what you’re used to. Don’t panic though – the app is going to see itself transition into a new look with a few subtle changes to your profile page. It’s mostly going to be a few buttons and moving some tabs, but some people will definitely feel the impact.

Improving User Experience

In a post explaining the importance of the changes, lead Instagram Product Manager Layla Amjadi explained that the profile page is perhaps the most pivotal part of a user’s experience. It highlights a timeline of who you are as a person and being able to express that is one of the most important parts of the app.

She goes on to explain, “We have been working on the changes for a long time now, and we’ll roll them out gradually to different users all over the world. As always, we’ll start with a smaller number of users and see how they are received. It takes some tinkling to get right, so we’ll experiment until we reach a point everyone is satisfied.”

What should you expect?

The blog post is pretty vague, at best, but they did give us some clues about what we should expect to remain the same. The grid and different layout modes are not changing, but the icons normally used for this function might be changed to words to improve usability.

Your profile picture might also be moved to the right side of the screen from the left, meaning your username/real name might be moved to the center of the screen. Information regarding the number of followers/following people will be a lot less prominent now, including your description.

A few more changes

These mean the ‘message’ and ‘follow’ buttons are going to be next to each other, rather than under each other than you’re likely used to. According to speculation, the new changes are inspired by a need to offer more options for pages catered to offering products, such as a new ‘contact me’ or ‘start order’ button.

New Leadership, New Design

Since Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram founders and former Product Leads, stepped down and Adam Mosseri took over as VP of Product, the app has seen many changes incorporated into it.

These changes include the ability to log your activity, a ‘nametag’ feature, much like Snapchat’s Snap Codes and three new shopping features. Each of these has seen varying degrees of adoption among different groups of users.

Lastly, the company has also stated it will work to minimize the number of bots on the platform that usually result in fake likes and follows. They’ll likely do this by kicking off rogue accounts. Not bad, eh? A few tweaks here and there are always welcome.