Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? It Wanted To Try Out Its New Wheelchair


Living with a disability as a human is tough, but being disabled as an animal that’s viewed as a food source is a lot tougher. Most people don’t care about your challenges since they’re more interested in getting you in their stomachs.

However, there are people out there who care about animals, like Alora Wood (10) who has a disabled chicken. Alora’s chicken (Granite Heart), with the help of her owner and Walkin’ Pets (a company that makes animal wheelchairs), is now able to roam around more freely.

Meet Granite Heart

Granite Heart is a 2-year-old chicken who loves being cuddled and eating fruit, especially oranges. Granite Heart also has a marvelous personality despite being born with a bad leg and deformed tendons.

Given her situation, she’s never had the opportunity to stand on both feet. Walking around for her was definitely out of the equation. She ended up having to rely on one foot or on her wings if she wanted to move around.

Later on, her coop was attacked by some weasels, they were able to kill one of her siblings but she managed to fight them regardless of her limited mobility. This attack showed how strong at heart she is and this is what made Alora adopt her as an indoor pet.

Moving on

Walkin’ Pets usually makes wheelchairs for cats and dogs, not smaller animals like chickens. However, they were firm in their resolve to help Granite Heart and were able to customize a wheelchair for her size and needs. This made her the very first chicken to ever receive a wheelchair from the Massachusetts company.

Her story didn’t go unnoticed. She was soon seen on TV on the comedy show Saturday Night Live where the co-host suggested that she should get eaten by Alora.

Alora didn’t like that her disabled pet chicken had become a joke and she called SNL out on their insensitivity. She made it clear to SNL that all animals deserve a comfortable life regardless of their size or species by asking them what if Granite Heart was a dog.

Against all odds

After the SNL shenanigan, Granite Heart received a lot of attention from the online community. Most people loved the fact that Alora is learning valuable qualities like compassion and nurturing from her attachment to Granite Heart. True-blue animal lovers were happy about Granite Heart getting the medical attention she needs.

On the other hand, there are people who side with the SNL suggestion, like the Reddit user Nk4512 who hinted at Granite Heart being a handicapped McNugget. There were others too who complained about people having no sense humor.

Through all this, Alora has stood firm at her feathery friend’s side protecting her from ridicule. Granite Heart has also proved to be a very tough bird as she has adjusted well to her wheelchair and has been whizzing around on it in several videos and photos.

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