“We Need A Bigger Boat”: Viral Video Of ‘Sailing’ Sea Lions Amuses Many


Trending on social media at the moment is a video of two massive sea lions lounging on a boat that is very clearly too small for both of them. The pair was seen ‘borrowing’ what seemed to be an empty boat in the Eld Inlet not too far from Olympia, USA.

In the video, you can see that the weight of the two giant sea lions is enough that the boat can barely take it, and is ready to capsize at any time. According to several news sources, the video was filmed on Tuesday by Josh Phillips, an intern for the Washington Department of Natural Resources.

The video has quickly gone viral and everyone has put in their two cents on the matter, gathering over a hundred thousand views across all the different social media platforms, including Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and of course Youtube.

It also inspired a whole lot of hilarious jokes and some very interesting questions. Many people asking if the sea lions are really that big or are it just that the boat is very small.

We are going to need a bigger boat

Josh Phillips, the guy that filmed the spectacle told several news outlets that he came across the sight of the sea lions on the anchored boat while out with a friend.  He remarked that it looked off so they crept closer and closer until they soon realized that it was two giant animals sitting on this one anchored boat.

“I’ve never seen anything like this!”  Another video uploaded shows a 3rd sea lion trying to get onto the boat but failing at it – not that there was any more space on the boat for a 3rd creature, that would have definitely capsized the boat!

Going Viral

The video quickly spread through social media, garnering over a thousand shares and as many likes and comments in a very short time. Some of the funniest replies to the spectacle were:

  • Where did they get the money to buy that boat? Or is it rented?
  • We’re gonna need a bigger boat.
  • “We can never get any privacy from these paparazzi!”
  • The scene from Titanic re-enacted by the sea lions where the two lovers are on the prow of the ship
  • This is another fine mess you have got me into”

How common is this occurrence

According to researchers at the Washington Department of Natural Resources, it is not too uncommon for sea lions and other animals to make their way onto empty vessels, but it is the sheer size of these two sea lions in relation to the boat that made this scene such a spectacle.

They also warn that these animals can be quite dangerous and that one should never attempt to chase them off on your own as they can get aggressive and attack. It would be a better idea to call animal control to help get dangerous animals off of your boat. These animals are just confused and in their eyes, we are intruding on their territory.

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