Video of a Stairs Climbing Elephant Leaves Twitterati  Amazed


Elephants are some of the cutest and most intelligent animals to ever walk the earth. While there are endless elephant videos online, a recent viral video of an elephant climbing a flight of stairs will only help affirm the fact that elephants are an intelligent species.

The video shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officer, Parveen Kaswan, shows an elephant methodically climbing the narrow stairs.

Intelligent Species

The IFS Officer shared the video that has since gone viral on his Twitter handle @ParveenKaswan with the caption, “This #elephant using a staircase. What other option he has. The last look will tell you many things!!”

The tweet has been retweeted 516 times, received 2.4K likes, and more than 50 replies. The video itself has been viewed 36.4K times.

He further added in a follow-up tweet, “You see how good he has used those narrow stairs to climb the elevation. Elephants use resources in the best manner. They learn fast, like how to deal with power fencing, blockades, such as infra, etc. Just to survive.” The precision with which the fully grown elephant uses to climb the steep elevation is quite amazing.

The elephant takes a moment to look back after climbing up the narrow flight of stairs. He did this thinking of what great a job he had done. One Twitter user writes, “Lastly it turned back and saw – ohh I did it!! That’s cute.”

Amazed Twitterati

The intelligence displayed by the elephant in the video has left many Twitter users amazed. One Twitterati writes, “They are so aware and try to keep out of our way but we will encroach upon their lives and kill them for ivory. It’s an unbalanced equation.”

Twitter user @shindenandini questioned, “I was afraid he might slip and fall but then he trumpeted his victory over manmade obstacles which should have been repaired knowing it’s a right of way for wildlife too!! But does anyone care if some animal fell?”

The reactions of Twitter users also called to question the inclusion of wildlife passages over or under infrastructure. Replying to the original tweet shared by the IFS Officer, @MeanderingWonk shares the image of a Canadian wildlife overpass with the caption, “This is Banff, Canada.

A wildlife overpass can be knocked together in a matter of 5-6 months incl. mobilization & demob. Canals like these merely need small (20m wide) sections with gentler slopes every km or so apart.”

Animal Safety

While many Twitterati were amazed at the precision and caution used by the elephant to climb the stairs, many questioned the safety of infrastructure projects to animals. Most of the infrastructure projects interfere with the migratory corridors of wildlife and expose them to the danger of being knocked down by fast-moving vehicles.

Human beings must protect the ecosystem. @kaarnama writes, “Yes, those stairs aren’t meant for animals and we have no right taking away their homes or migratory corridors from them.

We need more green corridors for their safe migrations especially avoid being hit by vehicles like would be on such a stretch of road.”    


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