Unusual Photos From North Korea That Will Shock You


Despite the growth of the internet and major globalization, some parts of the world are still inaccessible to the rest of the world. North Korea is one of those countries, and it has been that way for nearly 30 years now. North Korea has created its own rules, culture and way of life. Not much is known about the life in the country, and foreign interest of any form (media, political etc.) is greatly scrutinized. Still, a few photos of life in North Korea have surfaced, and they are insanely shocking. Let’s take a trip to North Korea.

Is this even real?

Because of the secretive nature of the country, there has always been speculation by other countries about what happens in North Korea. As this speculation started to grow, the government started to take over the narrative. The photo above, of a beautiful and smiling, fully uniformed band member attending a parade during the commissioning ceremony of a new dock at the port of Rajin is a clear example of the kind of pictures the government allows to be taken and shared. The actual state of living conditions in North Korea is starkly different.