U.S. Couple Spends Most of $120,000 Mistakenly Placed into Their Account


Imagine going into your bank account and finding $120,000 sitting there that you can’t account for. Most people would probably call the bank and try to find out why it was there. Robert and Tiffany Williams did no such thing.

They thought it was their lucky day and went on a spending spree for two-and-a-half weeks.

The couple bought items like a camper, two four-wheelers, a racecar, and made a down payment on a Chevy SUV.

They also paid a few bills, made some random purchases and even gave $15,000 to friends who needed money. They made withdrawals at various ATMs and bank branches.

The $120,000 was accidentally transferred into the Williams’ bank account instead of to the account of Dimension Covington Investments due to a teller error.

The Williams’ from Montoursville, Pennsylvania managed to spend about $100,000 before the error was discovered. It was only when a Dimension official inquired about the missing deposit that the error came to light. The bank then credited the Dimension account and debited the Williams’ account.

The withdrawal of the money meant the couple’s account was now well into overdraft because they only had $1,121 in it before their accidental bonanza. Investigators were told that the average balance in the account was $1,000.

Tiffany Williams, 35, was notified by BB&T Bank that the couple was responsible for returning all the funds. She told the bank that her husband had spent a lot of the money on the purchase of a four-wheeler and that she would speak to him and they would try to work out a repayment plan.

When she stopped returning calls and all further attempts to make contact were unsuccessful, the matter was referred to the State Police.

Any attempts to resolve the matter with the bank were no longer possible for the couple. The Williams were arrested and charged with theft and receiving stolen property. When they were interrogated separately by the police, they admitted knowing that the money did not belong to them but this didn’t stop them from spending it.

Their neighbors in Montoursville were surprised they didn’t call the bank when the money showed up in their account.

The couple has already appeared in court and posted bail amounting to $25,000 each. Trooper Aaron Brown testified that the couple didn’t cooperate with BB&T Bank on a payment schedule although they had acknowledged the money was not theirs. The couple had nothing to say as they left the office of the District Judge, Gary A. Whiteman.

Robert Williams has various prior charges on record in Clearfield County where the couple used to live. In 2001, he was accused of writing bad checks and was charged with Theft by Deception.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation. He was again accused of theft in 2007 and pleaded guilty. He says the recent spending spree probably wasn’t the best thing in the end and explained that they took some bad legal advice.

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