Toddler’s Cute Cup Stacking Video Captivates the Internet


Twitter user Natalia (@_mommanat) recently shared a short, adorable clip of her daughter Clarissa stacking cups. The young girl excelled at properly stacking colorful cups together – but she probably couldn’t have expected that it would go viral. It’s a cute story – but there’s an important reason behind it.

The Adorable Video

The video is about thirty seconds long altogether. Little Clarissa is playing with nesting cups and trying to set in one another by order of size. In the beginning, she stacks a number of the smallest cups into the biggest ones.

It’s in the middle where she makes a small mistake. But don’t worry – she notices and rearranges them several times until everything fits together perfectly. And when they do, both little Clarissa and her mother erupt into joy. It’s heartwarming to see the small girl so happy that she dances, while her mother can’t contain her happiness.

Why this is A Big Milestone for Clarissa

The child’s mother has gone on to explain that her toddler has failed to reach a few developmental milestones. She has been attending therapy to catch up to her average two-year-old peers. Along with therapy, her family has been giving her a helping hand back at home.

And the hard work has paid off. As you can see in the video, mom Natalia didn’t have to help her one bit. She’s done it all on her own, and reached an important milestone. While having lots of fun, she’s working on her problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Way to go, Clarissa!

The Internet Reacts

The internet, for all its flaws, has a huge soft spot for stories like these. The cute cup stacking video has gone viral, with over 900 000 likes on the post. It seems like the entire internet is united in celebrating the achievement of this adorable, hard-working little girl.

This video clip has not gone unnoticed by celebrities either. Actress and singer Zendaya liked the original tweet. The video was featured on the website of talk-show-host superstar Ellen DeGeneres, ellentube, where it garnered almost 100 000 new views. One of the stars of Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan, even commented on the original post.

An Uplifting and Happy Story

The story of Clarissa is a sorely needed reminder that the internet can be a place of joy and wonder. Seeing how the world rallied around this little girl is inspiring and has touched the hearts of many people worldwide. The video has since inspired countless memes and replies, all of which are heartwarming and supportive.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. Clarissa’s mom, Natalia, has since posted another video. And in this one, Clarissa is pairing up both shapes and colors. So thanks to Clarissa, we got a reminder that hard work and optimism will keep us moving forward. What a nice and uplifting story – we’re all rooting for her and can’t wait to hear more of her achievements and progress.