Three Strangers Make a Mom’s Day with Their Overwhelming, Unexpected Kindness


When on the receiving end of the stick, it’s a lot easier to sit there and silently fume at the mother unable to keep her kids in control.

Once you get your own kids and they grow up enough, you will suddenly realize they have minds of their own and can’t just be calmed down using an off switch. Traveling with your own set of otherwise peaceful kids is like trying to keep a litter of kittens still for a family photo. It’s a whole different kind of torture not everyone is cut out for.

For a mother close to a mental breakdown, all she needed was the kindness of people she had never met before to make her day all better.

On The Verge of Tears

A mother of two from Dallas, Becca Kinsey is the mother of the least behaved kind of little brats – a two-year-old that never stops crying and a five-year-old that never stops jumping around and screaming – Wyatt and James.

By the time they were at the airport, the two had cried and jumped to their heart’s content while she was exhausted beyond being able to deal with a minute more of the ordeal.

In her own words, she was on the verge of tears because of just how stressful the situation was. Luckily, a stranger was just about to make the stress a whole lot less burdensome.

A Kind Gesture by an Absolute Stranger

At the security line, Wyatt straddled by her side and James clinging to her dress, she heard a voice go, “Hey, here! You can come on right in front of me. I know what it’s like.”

She had been struggling to keep everything together – especially not to forget the luggage behind her. Another woman reached out for one of Kinsey’s luggage and helped drag it to the gate for her.

She was beyond grateful and on the brink of tears. She thanked them profusely, but they replied not to worry about it. What mattered was that she got on the flight.

One Good Deed

Once she made it onto the plane, she was still riding on the wave of excitement she had experienced thanks to the strangers a few minutes ago. However, the mysterious ‘on’ switch at the back of the younger son’s head suddenly lit up. He began to yowl, and Kinsey had to do everything she could to calm him. After a lot of effort, she eventually did.

To her surprise, another woman approached her and asked if she needed a break. Unsure of what the woman meant and much too tired to turn down an offer for help, the stranger held her son for the rest of journey – sleeping delightfully calmly.

She was so moved by the ordeal that upon sharing the story to Facebook, she got more positive attention than she could ever have guessed. She ended up getting a whole lot of folks to donate to Kidd’s Kids – a charity organization.