This Video of a Van Splashing People Is Oddly Satisfying


You know those weird things you’ll find on the strangest corners of the internet that almost instantly hits a pleasure button in your brain that you never thought existed – like someone stirring paint or popping a balloon?

The feeling is even better when it comes from a place you’d never have expected. Take, for instance, a short clip of a guy mindlessly splashing a bunch of innocent pedestrians with water on a rainy day.

A gloomy day

Why the video is so satisfying is a question whose answers we’ll leave to the philosophers and scientists in the house. Maybe it’s because it’s something we have an innate desire of doing but hold ourselves back out of fear of putting other people in such an inconvenient situation. Maybe it’s even just a sense of empathy, perhaps having been in the position before and would hate it happening to anyone else.

The video may at first look like the driver is rapidly accelerating backward, but it’s just a rear-mounted dash-cam on the car. A few seconds into the video, some pedestrians attempt to cross the road, and then the carnage begins. With the rain coming down the previous night and a whole lot of pockets of water on the road ripe for causing chaos, the van driver starts practicing his water-bending techniques.

The victims

Having spotted a convenient puddle of water and even more conveniently walking pedestrians by the side of the road, the van driver accelerates and drenches the first couple. He then has to swing into the road quickly, so he doesn’t ram into the car with the dash-cam. As he drives on, however, he spots another puddle of water and again accelerates and drenches yet another group of people at the side of the road.

Even a guy with an umbrella, seemingly ready for the van driver’s shenanigans is no match for him. The driver edges closer to the curb and soaks him even more. The final victim of his little stunts gets off a bit more comfortable with a bit of less water has pooled up in the mini-reservoir. He seemed to have sped up even more to make the most of it but to no avail. There was just not enough water to pull it off.

Action and reaction

Finally, the van overtakes the car with the dash-cam in it and speeds off into the sunrise. At the time of writing this article, the video has garnered over a million views. Of course, word got round to the owners of the van – Black, and McDonald, and they weren’t too pleased about the kind of bad publicity it was generating.

A final act of odd satisfaction was to come a few days after the video was released, with the company informing the public that the person behind the wheel at the time was no longer under their employment. To borrow from Newton, where there’s an action, there’s going to be a reaction.