This Mom’s Letter from Santa About Parents Who Work Over the Holidays Blows Up the Internet


Christmas has always been thought of as a time when families should be together – spent with those we love and care about. However, we can’t all spend that time with our families, opening presents and enjoying dinner with each other. Some people have jobs to do.

Stephanie Lynn found her family in such a quandary when her husband had to work on Christmas morning. Instead of having to explain the sad news to her kids, she had Santa himself do it instead.

A Letter from Santa

When Lynn found out her husband wouldn’t be together with them for Christmas morning because he had to work, she came up with a brilliant idea to break the news to her kids. The family would definitely spend time together, just not that Christmas morning. All she needed was a way to break the news gently to her children.

She took the persona of Santa and wrote a jolly letter to her children, explaining that some parents had to work over Christmas to keep their families safe, others healthy and others well-fed. In the letter, which she later posed to various social media outlets, she explains not just to her kids, but to any others not spending Christmas morning with their families how Santa and his helpers still work hard to make sure Christmas remains a miracle.

Special Christmas Exceptions

In the letter, Santa reached out to the families of first responders, military families and other such special exceptions. He explained to the children that for such families, he, together with his elves, make sure the presents are delivered before Christmas and, in some cases, after the day itself. A whole week before the special day to a week after have him delivering gifts to families that cannot be together.

“Always keep in mind that Christmas is about much more than a box or a day marked out on the calendar. It’s about the feeling in our hearts when we see the ones we love and being with them when they come back home,” Santa wrote, “Thank you for being amazing children and sharing your parents with the rest of the world when we need them the most.”

Gaining traction

Lynn’s letter was received with an outpouring of support from members of the social media platforms. With over 10,000 likes and 60,000 shares, her message touched the hands of many people struggling to cope with the feelings of not being with their loved ones at such a special time.

She says she didn’t expect to get as much attention as she did, but it feels great to be a little less alone in the world. She gained so much traction that she published the letter for anyone to use as they see fit, creating even more letters intended for more specific, general use. Her own experiences have helped shape the lives of many people all over the globe.