This Couple Had Serious Weight Issues Until They Decided To Go For Some Incredible Changes


Although many people are reluctant to admit it, health problems often stem from our habits. This often leads to the formation of habits that are hard to go away. Imagine doing something for several decades and being required to stop. It’s one of the most difficult challenges a person can be faced with. Lexi and Dani had the same problem. They found it difficult to cope with their problems both mentally and physically. After a couple of bold decision and amazing changes, they turned their lives around. Hear about their story on the following slides.

The battle

Ever since she was a child, Lexi was overweight. Numerous are the times when she tried to lose weight but never went through with it. It took her several weeks to lose a pound or two, but then she would quickly return to her old habits. She was just 25 but was looking to go over 400 pounds. Her friends were walking around, going on trips, but she was confined to her home for both health and mental reasons. The shame was sometimes too much, but she made it work…

Photo Credit: Urbo


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