These Celebs Over 65 Prove That Age Is Just A Number


Even for us ordinary mortals, they’re saying that 50’s the new 40. But when it comes to celebrities, these stars over 65 are still around and looking fabulous to boot. How do they do it? If you think it’s all down to good genes and discipline, you’re only partly right. Celebrities have the resources that most people don’t have: plastic surgeons; personal trainers; designers; makeup artists; and hairdressers. They also have people looking after their reputation, making sure only the best photographs are published (mostly). Have a look at 40 incredible celebs post the age of 65 …

Jane Fonda, 81 years old

It’s hard to believe that Jane Fonda is 81 years old. She looks incredible for any age. And she is still working. She’s fabulous as Grace in the smash-hit series “Grace & Frankie” alongside Lily Tomlin. Although she retired from acting in 1991, she had garnered many accomplishments, not least of which was two Oscars for Best Leading Actress. Her workout video became the best selling VHS video of all time. She is also a committed political activist, with a history of fighting the injustice that spans decades. A Susan Lacy documentary about her life entitled “Jane Fonda in Five Acts” is on the cards from HBO.


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