Child-Hood Photos The Most Evil People the World Has Never Seen


If you think you can tell when someone is downright evil, you’re wrong. Even the wickedest among us, those who do despicable things, start off as innocent-looking children. Sometimes, there’s zero sign that these young people are destined to grow up to enter history books as some of the most evil people ever to walk the face of the earth. So what makes a once-adorable child turn into a murderer, or worse? While most children turn out fine, some kids are exposed to negative environments that mold their personalities in such a way as to turn them into an enemy of society. Let’s meet some of these children and their adult selves …

A shepherd’s child

This young boy shows no signs of what he eventually became. He was born into a family of shepherds from the al-Begat clan. His mother named him in Arabic, dubbing him “One who confronts” in the language. He never knew his biological father, who disappeared six months before the boy was born. His mother married someone else, who treated the boy harshly. As a result, the youngster moved in with his uncle, who ended up as his father-in-law when the by now grown man married the uncle’s daughter. Moving in with his uncle was to be a deciding moment for the young boy as the man encouraged the child’s leadership qualities.