The Incredible Transformations into Popular Characters of This Russian Makeup Queen Are Mind-Boggling


Makeup is a unique form of art. When you see some of the before-and-after photos, it’s almost unbelievable to see the transformations. While makeup is generally used to hide flaws, this Russian makeup wizard has decided to turn things up a notch. Using just her kit, Ksenia Perova managed to look like some of the most popular characters. The resemblance is simply scary!

Playing with light

The big secret behind this look is the game of polish and powder. What makes our face look the way it does is how does it reflect light. That’s how facial features are more apparent in some people – they are bigger and reflect more light. This artist understood this perfectly and used powder to lessen the reflective intensity.

In this particular setup, she distorted her face completely. By avoiding any unnecessary reflection, she could manipulate her face into anything she wanted. We’re not yet sure who’s who in this image, but maybe you can shed some light on it. This was one of Ksenia’s first makeup gags, and Bioshock fans around the world rejoiced at her art. Playing with illusions and light, she brought new life into cosplay culture.

Was it all planned?

“Honestly, I started all of this for fun,” stated the 22-year-old from Saint Petersburg. “I and a couple of my friends were trying out some new shades and went looking online for characters to mimic. We managed to score a couple of looks, and that’s how it started. I have always loved cosplay and went to conventions, but getting better at applying makeup really opened new doors for me.”

Although Kristina is famous now, she plans to disregard her Instagram fame to find a job in the movie industry. “It is honestly one of my biggest dreams. I want to take my friends to the movie theater and see actors wearing my work. I’m still young, so there is time to achieve that too”, Ksenia told us with a smile.

How does she do it?

We’ve asked Ksenia about how she pulls everything off. She was kind enough to give us a few tips. “Honestly, recreating characters on real humans isn’t that hard. The first thing I do is analyze the face type of the person. What are their most pronounced features? Do I have to hide them or make them even more visible? I always ask myself these questions. Next, I find the image of the character online. Usually, these are two or more images to nail all the angles.”, she explains.

“It’s all about analyzing what you have to work with. Anyone’s face can become anything – it’s just a matter of how much work it takes. I’ve done the character of Elsa on two of my friends. The first took three hours, while the second took only 45 minutes. As soon as you get to know a bit about human anatomy, you will see how easy this is”, concludes this young Russian artist.