The Hilarious Sign Explains Why A Tip To The Pooch Parlor Cost More Than Your Hairdresser


A sign put up by Copenhagen-based dog groomer, Laura Gedgaudaite, has gone viral, and the Internet loves it! If you’re a dog owner, you might know how much goes into keeping some dogs looking their best. While some dogs only need a bath every week or two, and their claws clipped, others are a different story altogether.

Some dogs have hair that keeps growing, necessitating regular trips to the parlor for your doggie friend. Other dogs have different challenges, such as lots of folded skin that can become pretty disgusting if not cleaned up regularly.

Professional Touch

While some dogs can be washed effectively at home, a professional groomer is going to do a far better job than you. And that costs money, often more money than your hairdresser charges you. But, Gedgaudaite says there are at least 10 good reasons why this is so, and she’s put them on a sign for her customers to read.

Ten good reasons, minimum

Needless to say, Gedgaudaite’s sign attracts a good deal of attention, being as direct and hilarious as it is. Basically, as she points out, your hairdresser has been trained in the art of grooming and beautifying the hair on your head, and on your head alone. Not for him or her is venturing beyond the ends of your hair into more ‘dangerous’ territory.

The groomer, on the other hand, has to wash every part of your pet’s body, from nose to tail, including the butt! After eight or more weeks of no washing or brushing, anybody’s hair would be in a shocking state, especially ‘down there’ in what amounts to the animal’s pubic hair region. That really has to be the worst part of the job. But wait, there’s more.

Prepare to pay more

Further down the list, the humorous groomer has included what has to be the absolute worst part of being her job: the fact, fairly remote as it may be, that the pet you’re grooming might actually poop on you! Imagine that. Coming a close second in the grossness stakes is cleaning eye boogers from your pet.

Some dogs, especially those with lots of ‘folded’ skin, develop a build-up of mucus around the eyes which can lead to infection. Groomers take care of this yucky problem for you. Hairdressers must be so glad they don’t have to do any of these jobs, and for the fact that we humans know how to sit still when having our hair done.

Not so a pet. Being a groomer must be likely working on a constantly moving target. No wonder they charge a little extra. And the fact that a manicure and pedicure for your pooch are included in the bill is a bonus. You wouldn’t get that at a hairdresser.

And apart from the occasional challenging client, hairdressers don’t get bitten or scratched by their customers. Try attacking your hairdresser at your next appointment and you’ll probably find yourself under arrest. Poor groomers. Being attacked by their customers is part of the job.

I think I’d rather be a hairdresser than a groomer, thank you very much.

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