The Furry Feline of Kenyon College


It is all a bit familiar to have a figure of some sort that represents an institution of learning. Whether it is a famous man or woman of old or an animal that best signifies the institution’s values.

For the students and lecturers at Kenyon College, they have always known to have a famous lord as their mascot, not until recently when a certain furry friend hopped into their school grounds.

 Not Just a Furry Feline

 Moxie as the cat is more famously known forms a greater part of the community surrounding Kenyon College. The reason for this is there have been many stray felines of Moxie’s nature in and around Kenyon College.

For Moxie, it was all about catching some food for the day when one of the locals discovered him. Once the locals caught sight of Moxie they immediately loved him and brought him into their home. It seemed though that Moxie had other plans. He wanted to go to school!

Moxie the Therapeutic Cat

 To the frustration of the locals who had found Moxie in their car having a snack, Moxie enjoyed spending time at Kenyon College. The school was not too far from the local’s home. The cat loved being at school as much as the students and lecturers loved having him there.

Some students believe he provides some therapy and relaxation after or during a long hard day in the classroom. Moxie has become quite a sensation to all who step through the gates of Kenyon College.

He particularly loves hopping from one school bag to another as he navigates the school halls of the College.

Also a Social Media Celeb

 Moxie certainly has created a bit of a social media frenzy, that is for the community and the college in Ohio. He has famously made it onto Facebook pages where many have commented on how they adore Moxie the cat.

He certainly is a cat of many talents. The school’s staff also have a lot of faith in Moxie as he also seems to pull in a crowd.

Yes, that’s correct Moxie is also a PR Guru! Many people have fallen for the black feline as soon as they caught sight of the cat either laying on some nicely cut grass or scratching its paws on the school’s maple trees. Moxie is quite the socialite!

Kenyon’s ESA Program

 Kenyon College prides itself on being an animal-friendly institution. This has encouraged the school to create a program that promotes taking care of furry animals. This program is called the ESA Program, Emotional Support Animal Program.

The president of the school has lauded this program for bringing emotional and psychological stability to many of the institution’s students who partake in this program (as many students as 1700).

So amid all the negativity which comes with school politics and debates, Moxie has come at the right time. He has won over the hearts of many at Kenyon College and Ohio.


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