The Fascinating Air Force One Facts That No President Ever Disclosed


Getting a look inside Air Force One is something only a few get to do. If only those walls could talk, they would have many a secret to tell. While there’s a lot that we mere mortals don’t know about the United States presidential private jet, we’re lucky that a sprinkling of presidents have disclosed a few interesting morsels of information about the top secret flying fortress. It turns out that Air Force One is a lot more than just a jet to convey POTUS. It’s a holder of many a secret about the workings of one of the most powerful governments on the planet. Let’s take a trip inside Air Force One …

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No need to land

One of the weirdest things about Air Force One is that it never actually has to land; it can be refueled in the sky. Theoretically, that means the President could stay in flight for as long as necessary. Refueling in the sky allows an aircraft to fly beyond its normal range, saving time for refueling. A plane that needs gas approaches a tanker plane containing fuel from behind. When it’s about 100 feet away, the planes adjust their speeds to match each other and fuel is transferred to the plane in need. By the way, Air Force One has a 3,000-gallon fuel tank.