The Cutest Pet Rescue Story: Cat-Napping Surprise For ‘No-Pet’ Man


Ali Safa, from Canberra, Australia, is not a pet person. Never has been, never will be. Or so he thought.

One day, just loafing around at home, he decided to take a nap and it while he was doing just that, that a little bundle of fluff, a stray cat, decided to take a walk around Ali’s place. In the kitten’s mind were two things – food and companionship. He had come to the right place for both!

Being content with what he found, he decided that it was time to also take a nap – and this is exactly what he did – on the sleeping form of one Ali Safa.

A kitten in dreamland

When Ali awoke, he felt this weight on him, thinking he must have been reading and left the book on his lap. Imagine his surprise when he looked down and saw the kitten in dreamland on his tum.

At first, he thought it was a rat that had the cheek to take a nap on him, but on closer inspection and through blurry eyes, he discovered it was a kitten!

There was an identification collar or anything of that nature on the kitten, so he figured that it must be a stray. Or, if the kitten had wandered from home, then it would soon be making its way home. But the kitten showed no intention of going anywhere.

All it wanted was to be scratched and stroked. Ali’s natural instincts took over, and being a lovable kind of person, gladly obliged in making the kitten feel immediately at home.

Featured on Reddit

Ali made sure that the kitten quickly featured on Reddit, and soon a whole host of people were badgering him with questions about the kitten. They all saw it as a sign, that even though Ali had made it quite clear that he didn’t want pets, a pet was going to be making its way to him whether he liked it or not.

Ali had a moment where he thought of maybe taking the kitten to a shelter, but then he got to thinking how many kittens and cats were at the shelter, most probably on death row. As he was playing with the kitten, he obviously became smitten with the cute ball of fur and couldn’t imagine anything worse than putting this adorable little animal being put down.

Ali overjoyed

Ali ensured that all the kitten’s details were on social media, so if anyone was missing a kitten, they would know who to contact. But as the days went by the kitten, who Ali had named Angel, was obviously not going to be claimed by anyone, much to the surprise and joy of its caretaker. Surprise because Ali thought he would never have a pet, and because he was so overjoyed in having one!

Angel never took her little bed that Ali had bought for her and from day one, made it very clear that her place was next to Ali in his bed! It seems that Angel and Ali were really destined for each other.

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