The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory In Real Life


Ten years ago, two of the most brilliant minds in comedy created one of the most watched shows of the 21st century. Chuck Lorre, known for his work on Two and a Half Men and Bill Brady known for The Muppets joined heads and brought us The Big Bang Theory. The show itself was intriguing in several unique aspects – from the social awkwardness of the stereotypical scientist to the not-so-stereotypical charming nerd to the clueless blonde everyone loves and the psychopathic mother, this show has it all. But who are they in life outside the show and where are they now?

John Galecki: Leonard Hofstadter

Originally a resident of New Jersey and a Princeton University graduate, Leonard has been part of the main cast from the start. He works as an experimental physicist, his job mostly constrained to working with working to lasers. He is the best friend to and roommates with Sheldon Cooper. Leonard feels at home with his colleagues, most of whom are geeky, but often feels the desire to interact more with people outside his social circle. In fact, as soon as he meets Penny, he is captivated and instantly sets out to date her.


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