Response From HBO About Starbucks Coffee On A Scene


The Protector of the Seven Kingdom, the Unburnt, The Queen of the Andals and the first men have traveled in time to get a Caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks. Yes, that’s right, heroes do need their coffee fix too and lucky you have lived to see that time.

In the Game of Thrones season finale during the 4th episode, “The Last of The Starks,” a Starbucks coffee cup was spotted. Subsequently, this has drawn much attention to the coffee company, Starbucks, and this has caused that this episode is informally renamed to “The Last of The ‘Starbucks.’”

Humor drew from this debacle

A lot of funny memes and jokes have been circulating across all social media platforms. Some depict that Game of Thrones episode in modern times with modern food and beverages, and others appreciate the Queen Daenerys’ love for coffee.

Emily Clarke, who plays the character of this Queen responded to this mishap by saying “the cupbearer does not drinketh the Starbucks tea.”

Winner, Winner Starbucks Coffee

Instead of saying ‘winner, winner, chicken dinner’ rather say winner, winner Starbucks coffee. The rage about this coffee cup has been estimated at $2.3 Billion according to Stacy Jones from CNBC.

Even those who still live in medieval times now know about Starbucks. Whether “The First of Her Name” will call again at Starbucks depends on whether she liked her Caramel Frappuccino or not.

You also can’t see her name on that cup; the cashier must have had a hard time spelling it or keeping up with the many titles she has.

HBO pooped on Starbucks’ parade by announcing that the disposable coffee cup isn’t even from Starbucks but is a craft-services beverage. This didn’t splash Starbucks’ splendid glory as the memes are still doing their strides on the internet.

HBO also humorously responded by saying that the latte was a mistake and that Daenerys ordered herbal tea.

Controversial opinions

Starbucks rode the publicity wave by joining in the fun and posting that they are surprised Daenerys didn’t order a Dragon Drink. Some took it personally though and posted posts on social media complaining about how they missed the coffee cup during the two years of putting together the season.

They even started to question the reliability of Game of Thrones to depict things of the distant past because of another mishap that happened on a previous occasion where there was a truck that appeared during the show.

However, HBO removed the coffee cup and updated it’s now playing episode and has stated that it was a mistake.

You got to admit though that the cold weather in Winterfell can be pretty harsh, hence needing a cup of coffee to warm you up.

It also doesn’t matter if you have your coffee to perk you up in the morning or if you drink it to celebrate the Battle of Winterfell or to train dragons, it’s still the same amount of caffeine needed to do both.

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