Proud Son Helps his Father’s Meme Trend


In pursuit of going paperless by taking away all printers, Arthur’s dad took the opportunity to create a meme. Although it did not get the hype it deserves in the workplace, it sure did when Arthur shared it on Tumblr.

The meme received recognition from other 75,000 users online. It pictured a looter being chased by a police officer in full riot gear with a baton at hand and the runner protecting a printing machine from being taken away.

When he shared the meme with his colleagues, Arthur’s dad didn’t receive the response he had expected so he went home and shared the news with his son.

Way to go dad!

Arthur’s dad’s meme was very well received on Tumblr and received a lot of commendation comments. It was shared thousands of times on Tumblr and then crossed over to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The meme was shared with comments that hail the wisdom and humor of Arthur’s dad. On Twitter, it was shared 566 times and got more than 3,000 likes.

Some said it is a quality meme and that they would work with Arthur’s dad while some noted that it gave them quite a good laugh. Although his colleagues at his workplace didn’t appreciate the meme much, other professors from different universities sure did.

Although some disputed the university’s choice to go paperless, the humor created by this meme was on the next level.

Changing the face of social media

Social media has faced a lot of negativity because of hate speech and cyberbullying going on online. The meme Arthur shared united much social media uses in an up-building manner with only kind intentions.

That is in contrast with what we see happening which is in accordance with the findings of the Pew Center for Research. The research institution mentioned that social media is trending in a negative light, plagued with depression and anger amongst its users.

On the other hand, Arthur’s post showed support for another human being, in this case, his father. Social media users proved once again that hate speech and cyberbullying can be fought against by showing love for one another. These efforts alone deserve a round of applause and show the positive effect of unity.

The bottom line

Arthur’s dad was evidently proud of his meme but surely he didn’t have this response in mind. It was very bold for him to even attempt this but the support his son showed him is quite commendable.

The positive vibes that surround this post are what this cyber world needs since some social media users commit suicide over what happens online.

It is also inclusive because people of different ages were engaged with this meme and even its creator wasn’t someone that would regularly spend much time on social media.

Surely Arthur’s dad is grateful that his meme got the recognition it deserves and hopefully will continue creating humorous memes for online social media use in the future.

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