Police Officer Pulled a Man Over for an Expired License – Then Drove Him to His Job Interview


Often, when you feel desperate for employment, you’d do anything just to get hired. Take the case of Ka’Shawn Baldwin, a 22-year old that had to drive for a job interview. The only available car was a borrowed one with expired license plates.

There are times when you feel the world is against you and for Ka’Shawn this day seemed to be one of those, as he got pulled over while on his way to the interview. Surprisingly, things didn’t turn out as he expected…

Once in a lifetime opportunity

For Ka’Shawn, the job interview with FedEx was an incredible opportunity he wanted to attend. But he had no means of transportation to get to the venue by himself.

Fortunately, his friend allowed him to borrow a car for him to drive to the venue of the interview. While on his way to the interview, he got pulled over by Officer Roger Gemoules of the Police Department in Cahokia.

Not only did the officer find out that the car had expired license plates, but Baldwin didn’t even carry a license. Upon noticing these deficiencies, Officer Gemoules pulled the illegal car over.

Baldwin narrated his predicament to the officer. He explained that he needed to drive the borrowed car with expired plates to get to the interview and hopefully, a new job.

As Gemoules listened to Baldwin, he noticed the young man to be both decent and respectful. He gave Baldwin a break because he knew that issuing him tickets and having the car towed will make it tough for Baldwin to recover. After all, the FedEx interview was a golden opportunity for him.

Lady luck strikes

The moment Baldwin saw the police car tailing him, he felt defeated. It dawned on him that his chance for the job interview had ended as well. He was about to get a ticket and the car would get towed away – and it wasn’t even his car!

Baldwin had no idea that things would turn out better than he thought. Some might even say that he got lucky because Officer Gemoules was a blessing in disguise.

Since Gemoules couldn’t allow Baldwin to continue driving the car, the benevolent officer drove Baldwin to his interview at FedEx.

Although he was a bit late, Baldwin nailed the job interview and got the job. All these thanks to his determination and the kindness of the officer.

Newfound respect

Not all police officers live up to the bad reputation of their profession. Sometimes, events happen that may change a person’s perspective towards law enforcement officers. Before this very inspiring experience, Baldwin claimed that he has never viewed police officers in a positive or negative way.

But this incident made Baldwin feel more respectful towards police officers than he did before. Baldwin wrote a message to Officer Gemoules thanking him for his kind act on Facebook. The officer’s actions didn’t go unnoticed.

He also received praise from the mayor of Cahokia. The mayor’s assistant also posted pictures of both Baldwin and Gemoules with an equally inspiring caption. Gemoules’ display of good intentions serves as proof that black lives matter to the officers in blue.

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