Police Officer Places Baby Seal “Under Arrest” … and it’s just the cutest!


Members of the police force are often asked to do strange things, but most police officers don’t expect to meet a sea lion on the job. In fact, Officer Roger Pereira thought he was being pranked when he got a call one morning about a sea lion on the freeway.

He was pretty skeptical that busy Tuesday morning and remained that way until he reached the scene. There, just as he’d been told, was a baby seal on the freeway.

The scene took him totally by surprise, and he frankly could hardly believe what he was seeing.

Traffic Jam

What Officer Pereira saw on arriving at the scene as members of the public protecting the baby sea lion from harm, and some lanes of traffic at a complete standstill.

The people were preventing the animal from walking into the traffic lanes of the bustling freeway. Luckily, the sea lion remained perfectly calm throughout, seemingly unbothered by cars roaring past and the people standing around him.

At the tender age of 10 months, and weighing just 30 pounds, the little marine mammal had gotten himself into a tricky situation. Tricky or not, the pup was more curious than anything else.

Police Action

After getting over the shock of seeing a baby sea lion on a freeway, Officer Pereira immediately realized what he had to do. He had no choice but to place the animal under arrest for his protection.

He moved his car next to the sea lion and opened the back door. And you won’t believe what happened next. The pup took one look at the open door and hopped into the back seat of the patrol car.

The brave young sea lion didn’t need any encouragement to get into the vehicle and seemed perfectly at ease on the seat.

You’re Under Arrest

Most people who ride in the back of police vehicles aren’t happy to be there because they’ve been caught doing something illegal and they’re in a world of trouble.

Not so for this seal pup. He seemed to enjoy riding in the back of the cop car, not in the slightest bit distressed. Officer Pereira was amazed that the animal made no noises during the trip, and nor did he move around erratically.

He just behaved beautifully, and remained cool, calm and collected the whole ride through. Bravo!

Being Rescued

Officer Pereira took the young sea lion to the Peninsula Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Virginia, from where the pup was transferred to the Marine Mammal Rescue Center.

The lucky young animal was found to be mostly healthy, with just a minor graze to one flipper and slight malnutrition. He’s none the worse for his crazy adventures, and he got off lightly compared with others that Officer Pereira usually places “under arrest”.

Now the young sea lion’s rescue video has received hundreds of likes and shares on social media. He’s almost a media sensation!

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