Pilot Goes Way Beyond The Call Of Duty With Pizza


If you’ve ever been stuck in a stationary plane on a runway, you’ll know just how frustrating and annoying it can be.

You’ve usually read all the inflight magazines, can’t watch TV, and aren’t getting served anything to eat or drink. It’s a matter of waiting out the problem, and sometimes it can take hours for the issue to be resolved.

There’s a solution for everything

So, what do plane staff do to keep their passengers from becoming restless when there’s some delay? Well, very few do what the pilot of an Air Canada Flight 608 did.

The flight was waiting on the tarmac for many hours because of heavy snow. The passengers were starting to get restless after their plane was diverted from their Halifax destination to Fredericton in New Brunswick because of the weather.

But the captain of this plane had a bright idea, a way to keep both passengers and crew happy and have a bit of fun at the same time.

Take-out time

There are a few things capable of making everyone feel better: the smell of freshly-roasted coffee; a hug from a loved one; and, when in doubt, pizza! It’s said to solve everything, or so our pilot believed.

So, even though the plane was stuck on an airport runway, stranded in the wrong town, the pilot made a plan. He called for take-out. Pizza, to be exact.

When Minglers Restaurant and Pub in Oromocto got the call from the plane, to say they were surprised is an understatement. Safe to say, it was the first (and probably the last) time they had ever had a call from an airplane ordering a pizza takeout.

On the double

Roch Larivée, the owner of Minglers, said that in spite of being short-staffed during the bad weather, they were more than happy to oblige the captain and his highly unusual request.

It made the staff of Minglers laugh all night, said manager Jofee Larivée. The Minglers team was delighted to be able to deliver a few slices of happiness to some increasingly annoyed passengers.

They offered a total of 23 pizzas to the plane just an hour after the captain’s call came in.

First-hand account

So how did the passengers react when the pizza started being handed out? According to passenger Philomena Hughes, the captain’s pizza gesture made what could have been a “very stressful” event a lot easier on the passengers.

She said that everyone got stuck in helping the captain and crew hand out the pizza, including a couple of Air Canada Jazz pilots who were on the flight. The captain, she said, wasn’t taking sole credit for the positive way things turned out in the end.

But she did say the captain kept everyone informed during the flight and while they were on the tarmac. And he called Mingler’s to thank them for acceding to his unusual request. That’s one great captain for sure.

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