Naked Guinea Pig Wins Hearts with Adorable Instagram Photos


What’s cuter than a pet who can pose for the camera? Meet Ludwik, the adorable hairless guinea pig from Warsaw, Poland with 278K followers on Instagram. Before Ludwik became an Instagram sensation and a pampered pet, he wasn’t living a good life.

Agata Nowacka, his owner, found him abandoned in a pet shop where he suffered from various diseases including pneumonia and conjunctivitis. Ludwik’s real success story after being nursed back to health is one you’d want to hear.

Finding love

Before being taken in by his owner, Agata Nowacka, Ludwik was a skinny guinea pig in need of some love and care. He had been abandoned in a pet store, was emaciated and riddled with diseases and fungal infections.

Agata took him in and nursed him back to health. Within six months Ludwik was healthy and chubby again. Since Ludwik is from a hairless breed of guinea pigs, he requires regular baths and moisturizers to remain healthy.

Hairless guinea pigs like Ludwik have sensitive skin that needs frequent moisturization to protect their hairless bodies. Agata set up an Instagram account for Ludwik after discovering that he loves posing for the camera.

The account was meant to bring positive attention to his story by sharing some of his adorable photos. This hairless guinea pig also found love from new family members. He lives alongside two Yorkies and another guinea pig named Rachel.

Instagram celebrity

Agata wasn’t sure if people would appreciate Ludwik’s ‘unique’ appearance once she posted his photos online. However, his photographs on Instagram won the hearts of many across the world.

Ms. Nowacka says that it can be hard to have fresh ideas because she photographs him every day, but Ludwik offers her a lot of inspiration. She’s impressed that people like the hairless guinea pig despite its looks. Nowacka believes that Ludwik will always be the cutest and she couldn’t love him more.

The hairless guinea pig is a natural in front of the camera, especially when he’s around his favorite food. He’s so enamored with his favorite foods that he has taken to modeling with them.

He poses with pieces of lettuce, broccoli, plums, and his very favorite, mint leaves. Ludwik wears the skin he’s in proudly. Despite his Instagram page growing from 57,000 to 278K within a year, he doesn’t let it get to his head. Ludwik is just a loveable, naked guinea pig.

A star on the rise

Ludwik’s success story is one that everyone can get behind. It may appear unlikely that a naked guinea pig from Warsaw would hold the secret to happiness. His photogenic face has brought a smile on many people’s faces who can’t help but giggle at the sight of this cute and chubby guinea pig being himself.

Besides the Instagram page, Ludwik also has an active Facebook page that shares his photos and funny videos to adoring fans. You can’t help but fall in love with this cute guinea pig.

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