Mystery Man Buys All Girl Scouts Cookies to Them Out of Cold


Two Girl Scouts from South Carolina were selling cookies outside a local store when a strange man approached them and bought their whole stash, worth $500+.

For the humongous amount of money he spent, he stated he didn’t want them standing in the cold. Despite preferring to remain anonymous, the whole ordeal would soon go viral, and his face would be all over the news for an entirely different reason.

The Big Sale

The whole country was being plagued with a biting cold at the time, but the temperatures weren’t as bad in Greenville. Kayla Dillard was accompanying her two daughters – Emerson and Maya- at the time, and had them stand outside as she did some shopping in the store.

They had had an average day of sales, but soon, things were about to take a completely. Soon, an utterly unassuming man approached them and told them they were free to go home because he was buying their whole $540 worth of cookies.

Who could the man be?

Most times things like this happened, it’s usually someone famous looking to make a splash in the news. However, this wasn’t anyone they recognized, and his only intention, in his own words, was that the young girls shouldn’t have to stay in the cold weather.

By the time Mrs. Dillard got out of the store, the two girls were buzzing with excitement. Emma and Maya had taken pictures with the man with no name, and soon, Mrs. Dillard would gain him countrywide recognition.

She created a Facebook post thanking the anonymous man, and it instantly went viral.

Despite their best intentions, the main would not remain anonymous for much longer. Within just a few days of being all other the news for his good deeds, he would soon be featured on the news for very unflattering reasons.

An odd turn of events

The man’s name was Detric McGowan, and he would turn up in the news during a federal drug bust and would later be charged with Possession with the Intent to Distribute.

They insisted that his interaction with the girls had nothing to do with the charges, and they had been investigating him the whole time. His fame right before the arrest was entirely coincidental.

All the same, the entire affair was too embarrassing to associate themselves with. Mrs. Dillard would delete the post soon after they got wind of the news.

Buying things they don’t need is a relatively common occurrence for criminals to get free money they have made through illegal means. It’s often referred to as the ‘Burden of Big Money.’

The Girl Scouts organization looked into the matter and found out the whole encounter was benign. The girls and Mrs. Dillard were never in any direct danger, and they could not help getting themselves into the situation.

The girls got rewarded for their patience and persistence; thus there was no reason for them to lose out.