Modern Parenting: New App that Makes Kids Respond to their Parents


New-age parents are obsessed with controlling their kids and this obsession has come to a whole new level now. Not only parents dictate where and when their kids can go, what to wear, with who to play, but now kids can’t use their phone until they respond to their parents. Crazy, right?

The person who invented this app is Nick Herbert. To explain it a bit better, kids are prevented from unlocking their phone until they respond to a message from a worried parent. Well, Nick’s son must have done some serious stuff for his father to invent something like this and to make other kids lives a ‘disaster.’

Ben, what have you done?

Nick’s son, Ben, was, and still is, pretty much obsessed with technology, especially with his mobile phone. By seeing his son spending countless hours on his phone and not having time to text him back, Nick got fed up and decided to make an app to make Ben respond to him.

He said in an interview that Ben is always playing games on his phone. In other times, he puts it on silent, which results in not hearing a message from his father. That’s irritating for Ben, for sure, and concerning at the same time. What if something bad happens one day, and he can’t get to his son?

Finding a solution

By guessing that many other parents deal with similar problems, he decided to use his skills and to develop a very interesting app. It’s named ‘ReplyASAP,’ which suits its function pretty good, right?

This app works something like an alarm clock. When the recipient receives a message, ReplyASAP takes over the whole screen. The sounds that it produces are loud and unignorable. It snoozes for a while, but it won’t stop pooping until the message is answered.

Where can you find this app?

If you are a parent and you want to ‘control’ your kid, we have great news for you. It’s available on Android phones, and as we’ve heard, Apple is considering It, too.

The price you will have to pay is $1.25 for one person, however, if there’s a bigger number of people, price range from $3 up to $17, which allows 20 people to use it.

One more interesting the fact that you would want to know is that parents receive their kid’s location as a bonus.

Ben’s reaction

When Nick talked to his son about this app, Ben’s reaction was a bit surprising. He was pretty supportive, but he had some thoughts.

Ben said that it’s a great idea that will help him hear his phone if there’s an emergency. The catchy thing is that he is also able to send these similar messages to Nick. However, ReplyASAP should be only used for important stuff, not if the kid needs a new toy or wants to attract attention. Nevertheless, it could be considered a win-win situation for both kids and parents.

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