Little Boy Delivers Tearjerking Best Man’s Speech At Dad’s Wedding


As soon as you’re engaged (and sometimes even before that), your mind goes into overdrive about everything you’ve got to organize to make ensure your wedding is every big the perfect day you’ve dreamed of.

That usually means making a lot of decisions. For example, where are you going to get married, on what day, and what kind of wedding you’re going to opt for, to say nothing of the outfits. Of course, it also means picking out bridesmaids or matrons of honor, as well as a best man for the groom.

The Obvious Choice

Often, guys choose a brother or a close friend as their best man. It’s quite a responsible part to play at the wedding, and you want someone who’s able to carry out their duties well and honor a person who is unique to you.

When Nick Del Bono got engaged, he had no problem in choosing the best man whatsoever. There was only every one person who could fill that role, and that was his seven-year-old son, Vincent.

A Kid’s Job

Being the best man has its responsibilities, such as taking good care of the rings and handing them over during the wedding ceremony. He’s also in charge of planning the bachelor party and leading the groomsmen.

And he also has to deliver the famous best man’s speech at the wedding reception. While many husbands-to-be have a difficult time in deciding who their best man should be, Del Bono knew that little Vincent was a perfect choice.

The Big Day Arrives

Vincent enjoyed supporting his father on the big day. During the ceremony, as is customary, he stood side-by-side with his father and his future step-mother, Lauren. He was dressed formally like his father, but the amazing thing was that Vincent wrote his own best man’s speech.

The Speech

Right off the mark, Vincent told the assembled family and friends that his father is his superhero: “Whether my dad is a real superhero or not, he is my superhero. He can’t fly or anything, but he has even better powers.”

That had Nick fighting back the tears while his new wife comforts him. Vincent continued to show why his Dad should be voted Father of the Year: “He takes care of me when I’m sick.

He reads me stories every night before bed. He taught me how to ski; he taught me how to throw a baseball; he teaches me how to have good manners. He’s at every single game of mine, and he can always make me laugh. But most of all, he loves me.”

A Real Tearjerker

By this stage, just about everyone was in tears. At only seven years old, this little boy was rising to a grown-up challenge most touchingly and honestly.

He ended his speech by saying: “Daddy, I’m glad to call you my best friend and I’m even happier that you asked me to be your best man. But most of all, I love that all three of us are the Del Bono family.”