Leave It To The Lab Retriever: Best Dog Title 28 Times in a Row


Labradors, which are often lauded as being man’s true best friends due to their inherent capabilities that allow training to become guide dogs for the blind, have a sidebar companion in the Labrador retriever breed. Both are extremely intelligent, both properly trained, have abilities that no other breed comes close to.

However, it’s the Labrador Retriever that has, since 1991, been the king of the hounds in America. In March this year, the American Kennel Club chose the Labrador Retriever as “the most popular breed” for the 28th time in a row! That’s quite remarkable given the choice of breeds out there.

Retrievers are well known for their soft mouths and their willingness to retrieve prey and other objects without causing any damage. They were bred originally to be hunter companions, but in the household, retriever dogs are much more playful and loyal.

Can carry an egg in the mouth

A Labrador Retriever’s mouth is so soft that it can carry an egg without breaking it. Labrador Retrievers love to fetch things, hence their name and make wonderful, helpful dogs. They don’t have any of the negative canine traits like being aggressive, jealous or insecure, making them wonderful, helpful companions.

They are often used as ‘comfort dogs’ in places like hospices and hospitals and are known to make patients feel better immediately. They are also used for therapy in cases like autism and Down’s Syndrome and have been known to exact remarkable well-being effects.

Labrador Retriever pups are lovable, friendly, and easy to train. These dogs are very active and when trained, sync into people’s feelings willingly and quickly to ease suffering and pain in people by just being themselves. It’s no wonder that they are truly man’s best friend, and why they keep on winning that special crown over and over again!

Anyone that’s owned a Labrador Retriever will tell you this breed is the easiest to train. While any dog will be a dog in most instances – meaning, they are canines and do what canines do – these dogs are canines in every way but have a certain warmth and empathy that’s hard to describe.

Only those to whom it means the most, like ill people or those just suffering from the scourge of loneliness, will be able to tell you what it means to them.

Comfort Canines

As an aside, comfort canines are now the “in thing” in airplane travel where passengers have their pets hold up in bags and cuddle them at times when they are feeling insecure while flying.

One lady, hesitant in leaving her Labrador retriever puppy behind when she traveled attempted to take her on board, but the TSA said “uh-uh,” and the distraught lady canceled her flight! If her dog wasn’t allowed, well then, neither was she!

Labrador Retrievers are working dogs, and they are bred to be that way. It’s an inherent instinct with them, so you don’t have to try very hard to get them to do things. They often play a vital role in search and rescue missions and you’ll see them in TV news pictures doing just that.

Long live the Labrador!

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