Kindergarten Pupil is an Unlikely Lifesaver


Most kindergartners have trouble remembering what their name is and which way they need to go to use the bathroom. There are so many things to learn, like how to tie a shoe, the different colors, and how to stand in line.

But one six-year-old student, Max Meza, showed that kindergartners are far more perceptive than people might think. His quick thinking saved his teacher’s life.

During playtime, Max heard a loud noise. Looking toward the source, he saw that his teacher had collapsed and was lying on the ground, unresponsive. A classmate had collided with Joyce Darr, a 67-year-old substitute teacher.

She’d lost her balance and crashed to the floor, bashing her head on a desk as she went down. Max left the classroom immediately, running down the corridor and reporting the accident to the teacher in the nearest classroom. The emergency services were promptly summoned, and Max’s quick thinking allowed them to treat Darr’s potentially life-threatening injuries.

The apple of his mother’s eye

Monica Aguilar could scarcely believe her ears when she received a call from Frostproof Elementary to tell them about her son’s actions. She heaped praise on her son for knowing what to do in an emergency, stating that she was very proud of him.

Max’s classmates were so shocked by what had happened that they couldn’t act. However, the quick-thinking Max knew exactly what to do.

So impressed were the staff of the Polk County Sherriff’s Office that they bestowed on Max a Good Citizenship award and rewarded him with a bicycle. They shared photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #MaxTheTinyHero. Followers were astounded by the kindergartner’s astuteness and how he responded to the situation.

Family ties

Derek Darr and his wife flew to Florida from Ohio as soon as they heard what had happened to his mother. At the hospital, the outlook was concerning. Joyce had fractured her skull in the fall. She had also incurred internal bleeding as her head hit the floor.

Doctors had to tell Derek that there was a chance that his mother had sustained a severe brain injury that would have life-altering consequences. Derek had to accept the possibility that his mother could be disabled from the fall.

The accident could prove to be fatal. Joyce remained unconscious for 12 days, with her son and daughter-in-law at her side. Then she woke up, and her friends, family, colleagues, and students were thrilled to learn that she was alert and seemed to have suffered no permanent damage.

The Darr family agreed that Max’s actions that fateful day had saved Joyce’s life, and they wanted to meet him. As a thank you, Derek bought Max a pair of Air Jordans in his school colors: red and blue.

The family acknowledged the young boy’s role in the miracle that had left Joyce unharmed and on the road to recovery.

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