Keanu Reeves’Breathtaking” Surprise for a Fan


Many people all over the world admire Keanu Reeves for his acting talents, but as a humble man and a true gentleman, he is continually surprising his fans and “breaking” the Internet when he does so.

Fans are obsessed by his every move, and lately, he’s been dubbed the Internet’s newest “boyfriend,” which he says is “wacky,” but he appreciates the support. His latest move that went viral happened in Slidell, Louisiana, when he stopped in on a fan on his way to a film set.

Keanu is filming the third installment in the Bill and Ted franchise in Louisiana just up the road from the home of Stacey Hunt and her two sons. Stacey’s son, Ethan, suggested the family welcome him to the neighborhood with a sign.

They took their inspiration for the sign from what happened when Keanu appeared at an E3 video game conference earlier this year. Keanu is starring as a character in an upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077, and his fans went wild when he came out on stage at the conference in June.

YouTuber Peter Sark yelled “You’re breathtaking,” and Keanu’s response “You’re breathtaking” while pointing at the audience made his fans swoon. This gave Stacey and her sons the idea to write “You’re breathtaking” on a sign and put it in their yard. The family lives on the main street of the town and they hoped that Reeves would see the sign with its big, bold letters.

Amazingly, not long after Stacey put up the sign, Keanu drove past and noticed it. He asked his driver to pull over. Stacey was blown away when she saw who was standing in her yard.

As she approached him in disbelief, he asked her whether he could autograph her sign. He spent a little time getting to know her and her two sons and took a photo with them. He autographed the sign and wrote, “You’re breathtaking, Stacey.”

Stacey posted photos on Twitter and Ed Solomon, screenwriter of Bill and Ted Face the Music also posted about the incident. Unsurprisingly, Stacey and her sons suddenly found they were the center of attention from the media and Keanu fans.

It’s largely due to gestures like this that a “Keanussance” is taking place. Roles in films like The Matrix, Speed, and Point Break gave Reeves box office success but his role in the John Wick franchise which has a cult following, and a tongue-in-cheek cameo in Always Be My Baby has made him red hot all over again.

Celebrities are more accessible to fans than ever, thanks to social media. Stacey Hunt experienced a moment when her dreams became true thanks to a little bit of ingenuity on her part and confirmed for Keanu’s fans once again that he is not only an incredible actor but has a great heart too.

The Hunt family is unlikely to remove their famous sign from their yard anytime soon and if they were fans before, Keanu’s actions have now made sure they’ll be fans forever.

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