Her Dad Died Before She Could Get Married, But Her Brother Makes Up For His Absence in the Sweetest Way


Nearly every girl dreams of the day she’s going to walk down the aisle and almost all of the dreams of having their fathers by their sides. Handing her off to the new man in her life is one of a father’s most important jobs after all.

Few of them ever think of the worst – an untimely demise. Sadly for Andrea, that’s precisely what happened. Her father was diagnosed with cancer and life wasn’t going to be the same without him. Her brother knew she had to do something.

The tragedy

Her father had been diagnosed with cancer a few months prior and had been at the battle of his life. The wedding date had already been set, and seeing that he was doing better than before, he had an excellent chance of survival. However, as it often happens, he developed complications during a regular chemotherapy procedure and the worst happened.

The wedding had to be postponed indefinitely. Even after they buried him, life wasn’t going to be the same without her loving father.

A loving brother

Few things in the world can rival the kind of love a father has for his daughter, As it so happens, the bond forged between a brother and sister comes pretty close. Knowing she was going through the same pain as she was, if not more, considering just how close the two of them were, he decided to make her wedding nothing short of bedazzling.

Without her father around, he was the next closest relative that could hand her out to the man she was going to marry. He stepped up to the opportunity and made the moment more special than she could ever have imagined.

A wonderful surprise

As any girl with a brother knows, the last thing you want is to leave him on the microphone for too long. Take too much time, and he’s bound to do something completely idiotic. As her brother stepped onto the stage to make a wedding speech, the same thoughts spiraled through Andre’s mind as she watched him. To her surprise, he didn’t go for the traditional ‘embarrass the bride’ routine.

He had taken time to record a song professionally and hired a band to perform together with him. Despite the lack of the figure that brought them through life’s toughest moments, his sultry voice and amazing lyrics sent a wave of emotions through the whole crowd.

Overwhelmed by emotions

As he sang away, she couldn’t contain the tears, standing on the stage by herself. The elderly men of the family joined her in the dance and shared the most precious moments of her life with her.

She wasn’t alone in the moment either. Tears flowed freely – with both men and women dabbing at their eyes as emotions overwhelmed the whole crowd. There couldn’t possibly be a way the day could have been made more special.