Flight Attending Secrets Revealed


There are so many rumors and stories that go around when it comes to flight attendants. From the mile-high club to see the world. Yet, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Their jobs might seem glamorous, but they also have to deal with a bunch of issues that we never think about. Have you ever been on a flight with an unruly passenger? For a flight attendant, that is part of the job, and they have to deal with similar situations daily. Of course, there are a number of other little secrets that people don’t know about.

Their hands are behind their backs for a reason

Flight attendants are a symbol of professionalism, and you will never find one that does not look the part. Everything they do aim at keeping you as relaxed as possible. When they stand with their hands behind their backs, they are doing the headcount on their fingers. No one would appreciate a finger pointed at them like a school teacher doing roll call just before school starts. If you don’t like the flight attendant, then you are in for a long time in a tiny space.


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