Finding An Unwanted Guest In The Crawlspace – A Bear!


There’s nothing more unnerving than finding an unwanted guest in the crawlspace of your home. Often, animals could be either annoying, scary or even dangerous.

But what happens when the uninvited lodger is a bear? You wouldn’t want to mess with this creature. In such a case, you can call the BEAR League, a local organization that offers assistance on bear-related issues.

An unwanted guest

The BEAR League is more than willing to help when it comes to bear-related issues. They will promptly pay you a visit when needed as assured by Ann Bryant, the organization’s Executive Director.

People who believe there is a bear in their crawlspace might assume that the bear moved on because they don’t hear noises during the daytime. Their first instinct will be to promptly close and lock accesses to the crawlspace before another animal would sneak in… again.

However, this may be a wrong move because you can’t eject bears that easily. In most cases, they may still be there. They might have tricked unsuspecting homeowners into a false sense of security. Soon the noises will begin again. The homeowners would now discover that they have locked in the frightened bear in the crawlspace – and frightened bears are more dangerous.

Solving the bear problem

Time to call the BEAR League to give assistance. The people of the League aren’t there to hurt or capture the bear. Instead, they will relocate the bear to a safer place. In our story, Ann Bryant discovered another entrance to the crawlspace which she entered to find the bear.

She carried with her a unique tool created for such purpose. Luckily, she didn’t need it this time. The bear didn’t seem to know her approach. She tried to scare the creature, hoping that it would run away but the bear didn’t leave until Bryant left the crawlspace to come up with another strategy.

Eventually, the bear crawled out then wandered off as Bryant watched it depart. Although the animal seemed confused and dazed, it was better off than if things had taken a different turn. Hopefully, it can find itself a space that’s more appropriate and safer.

Wanted bear

As fate would have it, Ann, later on, recognized the bear as it was frequently seen scavenging in nearby Mexican eateries. The bear rummages through the dumpsters looking for his favorite cuisine. Who would have believed that living in Lake Tahoe could be very stressful all because of one bear?

Fortunately, there was someone who recorded the experience with a phone camera. He captured on video the incident of the Lake Tahoe Crawlspace Bear. This video serves as a reminder to homeowners that an unlocked crawlspace could be a perfect lodging for bears.

Ann Bryant and the BEAR League pointed out that these ursine creatures are always on the lookout for quiet, safe, and dark areas to nap and worse, to hibernate. Thus, homeowners should lock up their crawlspaces unless they want to have non-paying tenants.

The BEAR League

The BEAR League started in 1998 when a mother bear called Natalie got killed by an animal trapper. This incident motivated people concerned with the safety of wild animals. They formed a group, started meeting regularly, and thus, the League came to be.

Membership is completely on a voluntary basis. It’s a community-based, non-profit organization that offers its services to those in need of any issues involving bears.

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