Epic Photoshop Fails Of Celebs That Will Make You Laugh!


Used correctly, Photoshop allows you to sharpen up the lines, remove shadows, and enhance colors. However, the program is also used to alter photographs to remove objects and alter shapes. ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ was the counsel given to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. And the same applies to editors and photographers who use Photoshop. Used carelessly, it can provide a final product that is patently altered with hilarious effects and consequences. Here are some examples of extreme Photoshopping of celebrity photos that made us take a second look… for all the wrong reasons.


The shape of things

Kim Kardashian West can blame no one but herself for this Photoshop faux pas. Her March Instagram post was so obviously doctored that it created an optical illusion for the world to see. To highlight her own shape, Kardashian West neglected to notice what had happened to the shapes in the background of her photo. That’s one strange looking car in the background, and since when are parking lines drawn with diverging lines? And let’s not even talk about the wraparound parking line she’s just stepped over. Check before you post to avoid such an overt blunder.