Dog Toilet Invention Could Change Pet Lovers’ Lives … For A Price


Animal lovers will do just about anything for their furchildren, but owning a dog is not 100 percent fun 24/7. There’s little problem of Fido needing to ‘use the facilities.’ That entails letting him out to do his business and then heading into outside, come rain or snow, to clean up after him. Or you have to take him for a walk and clean up after him.

Either way, it takes quite some effort to ensure your pooch is comfortable and everything’s clean. But a new invention could see you saying goodbye to all the hassle of cleaning up after your dog, saving you time, energy, and hassle, while your dog gets a tasty treat for being a good boy.

Indoor doggie loo

Newtons Box, a company based in Texas, has invented an indoor toilet for dogs. The prototype, named Inubox, was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, where dog lovers responded with enthusiasm over the clever invention.

After the indoor dog toilet was first revealed at the CES, the company started a Kickstarter Campaign to begin production for the indoor doggie loo. Supporters of the Campaign get a 42% discount off the suggested retail price.

What is the Inubox?

The Inubox is certainly a sophisticated invention and believed to be the first of its kind in the world. Sensors tell it when a dog steps on or off the platform. It has a touchscreen control as well as smart connectivity so that you can remotely control the device if you’re away from home. After the dog has done his business, the Inubox senses liquid or solid waste that might have been deposited on the platform.

Its robotic arms then move the waste out of sight, placing it in an eco-friendly bag until enough has been collected to dispose of. And to top it all, Fido gets a treat every time he uses the loo so that he is encouraged to repeat the behavior. The cherry on the top? The Inubox sprays air freshener each time Fido uses the commode, so it’s also odorless.

The only snag

The Inubox is a godsend for dog owners who want to revolutionize their lives, while still catering to their precious dog’s needs. But there’s a small snag. The Inubox comes with a pretty hefty price tag. It retails at $1,200 a pop.

But for the convenience, hygiene, and the fact that you don’t have to clean up for months at a time, it might just be worth the price. No longer will you have to leave your dog indoors for hours at a time while you’re at work or otherwise unavailable with the dog having no way of relieving himself when he needs to.

With the Inubox, dog owners can now relax about leaving Fido alone at home. They’ve got you and your furry friend covered. Talking about their invention, Ivan Gutierrez, the founder of Newtons Box said, “We created Inubox thinking about our best friends.”