Do You Want Bed Buddies? Let Your Pets Sleep With You!


The unconditional love that’s such a fantastic quality of dogs and cats can help you more than just a feeling of being loved and wanted.

The big debate has always been whether it’s healthy to have your pets sleep with you in your bed. It’s good to know that many scientific studies have shown that it’s far more beneficial than harmful.

Researchers have said that other than pet hair, which could be annoying, and as long as the pet is healthy and is not sleeping under the covers, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it at all.

Reassuring for pets and humans

Hugging and cuddling your pet is reassuring for both pets and humans. A study conducted by the University of Alberta found that people who suffer from chronic pain or sleep disorders, found these conditions affect them far less when they sleep with pets.

They noted that that physical contact with animals sharing the bed increases well-being, relaxation and an of being safe. Who could want for a better sleep companion that gave all this to you?

Women, it appears, seem to benefit more from sleeping with their pets. A study in the International Society of Anthropology found that women who have a dog as a sleep companion had a far greater nighttime experience with fewer disruptions and felt better afterward than sleeping with a human partner or a cat.

Dogs also offer an extra-add with the warmth that comes from their bodies. This has the same effect as an electric blanket, except it feels better, and simultaneously the sleep feels safer as the dogs will bark if there is any trouble.

Studies have also found that sleeping with your pets significantly improves your mood and increases your general well-being. There have been studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia and Japan’s Azaby University that confirm this.

They found that touching pets increases oxytocin and serotonin in the brain, which increases positive feelings, a sense of trust and contributes to overall emotional and mental wellness.

Adds to that inexorable bond

As you well know, pets love to be close to their owners. When you share your bed or your couch, or a rug on the carpet, it adds to the inexorable bond that is there between yourself and your pet.

Humans who are at work most of the day and have their pets waiting patiently at the gate for them to return will ensure that their pets feel loved and wanted, and you are released from any guilt trip you may have from leaving them alone all day!

A Mayo Clinic survey has shown that co-sleeping increases a pet’s happiness and firms the bond between animal and human.

Trying to get a good night’s sleep without the aid of pharmaceuticals can be tough. Insomnia is a worldwide problem with many resorting to pills, either prescribed or OTC, to get them through the night, mainly leaving them feeling tired and awful the next day.

Pets offer reassurance to sleepers and help people have a good, calming sleep, and feeling great the next day!