Disabled Dog Gets A Loving Home


Rocky Kanaka’s careers as a TV personality and businessman are nothing compared to his other job as an animal rights activist. He looks for abused and abandoned pets, takes them in and helps them find loving homes.

Rocky Kanaka does this through sharing stories of these animals on his Netflix series and YouTube channel.

His most famous series is Dog’s Day Out that he airs on YouTube. On this series, he picks one lucky dog that lives in a shelter and takes it out for a fun-filled day and VIP treatment. One of these lucky dogs was a puppy called Freddie Mercury.

Little Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was born with a defect that made her grow two sets of teeth simultaneously. This condition has made it difficult for her to enjoy her food comfortably. To add to this poor pup’s plight, she was also found stuck underneath a car in a bag.

These conditions eventually took their toll on her health, and she ended up having a severe case of malnutrition. As if she hadn’t been through enough, Freddie also had numerous broken bones when she was found.

Her left leg has also been permanently damaged, so she can’t even move around freely.

Freddie’s knight in shining armor

Angela Adan, who works at an animal shelter called Marley’s Mutts received a tip-off on Freddie’s whereabouts and had to travel for 4 hours to get to her. According to Angela, her extensive experience in animal rescue had made her develop a “thick skin” so she usually doesn’t get emotional when she’s doing her job. In Freddie’s case, however, her “thick skin” softened, and she immediately gave way to tears of sympathy.

Her affection for the little pup didn’t go unreciprocated as Freddie thankfully licked her face. This simple act of gratitude is what made Angela decide to take care of this dog herself and not take it to the shelter.

Good habits

What Angela did is almost the same as what she does daily at the shelter. Marley’s Mutts routinely saves dogs that are at a high risk of losing their lives. These dogs are usually dogs that were about to get put down at the local dog pound.

Most of these “lost cause” dogs are old and frail and don’t get adopted quick enough. This is where people like Rocky Kanaka step in to help raise awareness so these dogs can get approved by loving families.

All eyes on me

Rocky Kanaka’s made a celebrity out of Freddie and Freddie’s used this opportunity wisely. Rocky Kanaka bought anything that Freddie would touch while on his show, and she used this opportunity to get all her favorite toys and treats.

Freddie’s fame has also made people realize that dogs with special needs are worthy of getting our love too.

Even more so as they tend to be more grateful. Freddie’s new celebrity status has also earned her an Instagram account where her paparazzi photos are shared.

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