Cute Cat with Sophisticated Mustache


From adorable kitties to playful puppies, people never tire of watching animals online. In 2019, a new cat, Gringo, a British Shorthair, joined the throng of Instagram celebrities due to his unique markings.

This debonair kitty lives in France with his owners, Sabrine and Romain, and his brother, Milko. Fans just can’t get enough of this kitty with his classy mustache.

Gringo’s unique chin pattern

Gringo, like many other internet pet celebrities, has a unique feature that makes him special. He has a perfectly defined mustache of white fur that contrasts beautifully with his chocolate-colored face.

This prized feature makes him stand out from other cats and he has been likened to a “Victorian-era detective” – all he needs is a top hat, some eyeglasses, and a pipe.

Sabrine and Romain fall in love

Sabrine and Romain, Gringo’s owners, saw him featured on a site for a French cattery. They already had a cat called Milko but they were looking for another cat and when they saw Gringo, they couldn’t resist his appearance.

They adopted him when he was only three months old and soon realized that he not only looked adorable but had a quirky personality too. Sabrine says that he always sniffs their plates to see if there is something good for him to eat. He loves to steal their kitchen sponge to chew so they have to hide it.

Gringo and Milko have become inseparable, playing and snuggling together. Together with their beloved humans, it’s a happy family.

Gringo becomes famous

Sabrine and Romain are avid Instagrammers and they decided to create Instagram page for Gringo as Milko already had a successful one.

Milko has a sizable fan base with plenty of adorable pictures but Gringo’s owners didn’t have any idea how famous he would become online. Gringo quickly acquired nearly 60,000 followers.

Unfortunately his original account was hacked and stolen but his new account accumulated 28,000 followers over about two months and his fan base continues to grow. The way this kitty rocks his snowy white mustache has the internet obsessing over his pictures.

Sabrine and Romain gave an interview with Just Something, an online outlet, to talk about their home life.  Sabrine shares that Gringo is a happy kitty, full of life, who loves to play and get up to mischief.

He climbs curtains, scratches the couch and jumps in the plants. Another skill his owners admire is his ability to stand on his back paws, like a meerkat. He can stay in that position for a couple of minutes.

Gringo’s cute personality has endeared him to his owners and his mustache continues to make him a celebrity online.  Dressed in his bow-tie, this kitty looks like royalty.

The good news for cat lovers is that there is always new cat content to see online. The many stunning photos of their cats posted by this couple from France are a wonderful example and they are blowing the minds of kitty fans.

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