Cute 11 Year Old Blind Dog and His Seeing Puppy Makes A Perfect Pair


You have got used to the saying that says ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ but have you ever heard one that says a dog is another dog’s best friend? Certainly not! But these two dogs will make you want to reconsider and use the latter saying instead of the first one.

The story of these two cute dogs will bring you to tears and make you realize humanity doesn’t end with humans only.

Charlie goes blind

Cases of blind dogs are quite rare and often devastating when you’re the owner of that dog. This happened to the Stipe family when their 11-year-old canine, Charlie was diagnosed with glaucoma and had to have his eyes removed.

Consider the depression this situation might have had on Charlie because this meant Charlie would never be able to play catch anymore or see his human parents.

Maverick saved the day

Charlie’s knight in shining armor came swooping in, and his rescue came in the form of a four-month-old puppy named Maverick.

This puppy that still has his sight is everything Charlie would ask for, but this puppy wasn’t purchased by the family to carry out the duties it is currently doing.

Maverick was purchased as a pet for their newborn son, but he saw the need to help a fellow dog in need. One of the duties he feels he is responsible for is to take Charlie for walks, and he has been pictured holding his leash on one of their walks.

This puppy doesn’t even want to go alone on walks anymore but wants to take Charlie with every time. This has given hope to Charlie, and the bond this two have is way too strong for any person or dog to break.

The Stipe family has created an Instagram account where they regularly post pictures of this cute pair of dogs. If you want to get a glimpse of the everyday life of Charlie and Maverick, you can drop by their Instagram account under this handle @charlieandmav.

Getting spotlight attention

They have gained a big fan base on social media and in the mainstream media. Their Instagram account has reached a whopping 178 000 followers in less than two months from the date it was created.

The likes they receive on each post averages to 30 000 likes and hundreds of positive comments. Charlie and Maverick have even made it on live TV shows like the Today Show and other favorite shows.

A picture of the duo watching a story about them on a news show was also posted on Instagram. Their picture received more than 30 000 likes and over 1 000 thousand comments.

There is nothing more heartwarming and inspiring than seeing pictures of these two dogs on their Instagram account. It is ironic that there are dogs that help blind people, but there aren’t that help blind dogs, but Maverick is changing the script.

He gave hope to Charlie when there was none for him, Kudos Maverick! Keep up the excellent work.

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