Couple Takes 9-Years To Open Wedding Gift, and What They Found Was Amazing


Everyone loves a good wedding. It’s a day for the bride and groom to celebrate the start of their new life with their loved ones, bringing joy, love, and laughter to everyone involved.

However, it’s pretty normal for the bride and groom to get some post-wedding blues after their big day. They’ve spent so much time and effort planning the day that when the party’s over, sometimes it can leave you feeling a bit deflated.

Opening the presents is the best cure for a bride and groom’s post-wedding blues. There’s no better feeling than ripping open the paper of a freshly wrapped gift, and when you’ve just got married, you’re sure to get a whole table full!

Well, this is the story of one Michigan couple who received one of the most thoughtful sentimental gifts imaginable. They just had to wait nine years to open it.

Loving Couple

Brandon and Kathy Gunn live in Northville Michigan. Kathy did want her wedding to be special for everyone invited, but most of all, she just wanted it to be a perfect celebration between her and Brandon.

He was the love of her life, and all that truly mattered was the love they shared. The couple celebrated their love in September 2007, in a beautiful wedding ceremony in Jackson, Michigan, in front of hundreds of their closest friends and family members.

An Unusual Gift

Unlike most couples, Brandon and Kathy decided to open their wedding gifts in front of their guests, instead of opening them by themselves after their honeymoon.

The newlyweds opened several presents before they arrived at one that stood out from the others. The mysterious gift was given to the couple by Kathy’s Great-Aunt Alison, and the gift box included a note, saying “Do not open until your first disagreement.” Though confusing, the couple didn’t open the package for nine years.

Finally Opening It

Even though they did have disagreements when they did argue they still forgot that the present was waiting to be opened. After nearly a decade of marriage, the Gunns decided it was time to open the mysterious gift after a disagreement in May 2016. They finally saw what was inside.

It was two bundles of cash – one labeled Kathy’s and the other for Brandon. There were even more instructions too. Kathy’s instructions said: “Go buy a pizza for you both, or something both of you like, and then get a steaming hot bath ready.”

This made them smile. Then Brandon read his: “Use this to go and buy some flowers and a nice chilled bottle.” As they read the notes out loud, they couldn’t help but giggle a little.

The contents of the box didn’t stop with the money and notes. Aunt Alison had also bought them a lovely glass vase, and a set of dining glasses. It was such a brilliant idea, and Kathy and Brendon loved it.

It meant a lot to them that Aunt Alison had bought them such a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Since Kathy and Brandon waited nine years to open the box, Kathy realized the tools for creating and maintaining a strong, healthy marriage were never in the box.

They were within them the whole time. They didn’t need the box and were going to be just fine by themselves.

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