Cat Rescued From Paradise Fire By The Firefighter Refuses To Leave His Side


They say every cloud has a silver lining – how true that is completely open for debate, but what isn’t is that cats will look cute when they do anything resoundingly stupid. Despite being universally considered the biggest assholes on the planet (even more than your mate, Chad), they can be pretty sweet sometimes. When a firefighter rescued a cat from the fire that raged Paradise for two weeks, the cat literally attached itself to him and won’t leave him alone. Is this how you get a new cat?

The most devastating wildfire ever

The fire that raged through California for two consecutive weeks has widely been dubbed the most catastrophic wildfire ever to hit the state, possibly even the country. Named after the place, it was believed to have started – Camp Creek Road – the Camp Fire cost over $7 billion in damages and claimed more than eighty lives.

Leaving nothing but a trail of devastation in its path, the fire spread over 50,000 acres and destroyed just near 20,000 houses – leaving about 50,000 people homeless in the process.

Abandoned pets

Aside from people, pets and animals are the next biggest casualty of the fire. Hundreds of pets are thought to have perished, and thousands more are known to have been separated from their owners. Without any real means to escape the raging flames of death, they were practically sitting ducks (no pun intended).

Luckily enough, there are people out there dedicated to making sure the animals are safe and reunited with their owners.

A Meow-racle for the ages

Ryan Coleman, one of the firefighters tasked with digging rubble in search for any signs of life came across a fluffy gray cat. Almost immediately, the cat pounced onto his shoulder, which it took to be his new home indefinitely.

It seems the cat was so relieved to have been saved from the nightmare it didn’t know how else to show its gratitude. In a video posted by Coleman on Facebook, the cat clings onto Coleman and jumps back on him whenever he tries to get it off. He then tells the cat it’s time for a walk, and he heads off with his new friend for life.

Good news in bad times

Even better, the cat isn’t the only one known to have survived the fire – there are quite a number of tales of First Responders rescuing lucky animals that were trapped in the fire. And, in some cases, the animals were the ones being heroic.

One dog, for instance, apparently guarded its destroyed home for over two weeks before the owners came back and found it there while assessing the damage. While the damage is done and a lot of rebuilding has to be done, more and more people are getting reunited with their pets as the days go by, and we have the First Responders to thank. In our books, that’s really incredible news in the worst of times.