Cat and Lynx Have an Amazing 12 Year Friendship at Russian Zoo


The world is full of unlikely friends. But this story from the Leningrad Zoo takes it to another level. Linda and Dusya are a domestic cat and wild lynx, and they’ve been best friends and roommates for 12 years. It’s an amazing and strange friendship, and social media is filled with pictures and videos of the adorable duo.

How they Met

Linda, the lynx, has been a resident of the zoo since June of 2007. A short while after, the staff introduced little Dusya into her cage, as a type of social experiment. The aim was to show the differences between the two species of cats.

But something unexpected happened. While the differences were plain as day, the most distinguished thing were the similarities they shared. Over time, a beautiful friendship, which lasts to this day blossomed in the enclosure they shared.

A Growing Friendship

In the beginning, the zookeepers were understandably nervous that the two may not get along. To be safe, they only let Dusya into Linda’s enclosure for short periods of time. At the time, they were about the same size and got along well.

But surprisingly, Dusya started climbing back into the enclosure on her own! It became clear that in those short periods, they had formed a deep bond of friendship. Soon enough, zoo officials let them spend more and more time together.

Even though Linda is now many times the size of Dusya, nothing has changed. In fact, they are getting along even better, and spend all their time together. They look at visitors, relax, and play with their toys. Their favorite is a cardboard box that also doubles as a place to sleep.

Best Friends

Nowadays, Linda and Dusya share the same schedule. They even eat all of their meals together. This is the only time that any drama occurs – after all, the lynx is a lot bigger. But always letting her eat first is a small price to pay for such an endearing friendship.

The unlikely pair have been a huge hit on social media. Leningrad Zoo shared a video of the two cats grooming each other, and it soon went viral. The zoo gained about 30 000 followers on the Russian social media site Vkontakte, and the cute videos have since spread to other social media sites.

A cat made friends with a wild lynx in a zoo, and now they’ve been inseparable for 12 years:

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An Inspiring Story

This isn’t the first example of cross-species animal friendship. In zoos across the world, we’ve seen friendships between a meerkat and a husky, a cheetah and a golden retriever, and even a trio that consists of a lion, tiger, and bear and many other unlikely friendships.

But the story of Linda and Dusya still hits closer to home, precisely because they are both cats. There’s a strong message in this story – there may be many things that separate and divide us, but in the end, our similarities overcome and give space for friendship to form.

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