Busted! These Guilty-Faced Adorable Pups Were Caught In the Act


It’s often said that dogs are the best humans. We won’t argue about the philosophical intricacies of that statement, other than the fact that dogs are a lot more fun to be around than people, most times, at least. And yet, given a chance, even the cutest of pups can turn into the most devious of miscreants. The thing that really sets them apart from animals like cats, universally considered to be assholes, is that dogs bother to show remorse after they have done something wrong. Here are some of the funniest guilty looking faces of all time.

That new house smell

They may look like adorable little pups, but never judge them by what they do, judge them instead for their intentions. This giant ball of fluff will wander around the house and miss his perfectly good potty, that’s he’s been using for the last three-six months and poop in the first hole he will come across. Maybe it’s just a case of terrible memory because dogs aren’t known to have the best recall in the animal kingdom. For all their amazing sense of smell, there sure are terrible at remembering where to poop.