7-Year-Old Superhero Cycles Down The Highway To Save Father’s Life


There are parents out there who feel queasy at the idea of their children riding bicycles and putting themselves in potential danger. We can only imagine how these parents might think should they have to find out that their kid has been cycling down a highway seeking help from strangers.

Unfortunately, this ordeal was experienced firsthand by Cameron Simoncic’s father. Cameron who’s a second-grade student at Ellen Woodside Elementary School found his father unconscious at their South Carolina home on a Wednesday, in February 2019. This discovery is what prompted him to take to the streets on his bike to try to get help for him.

A call to action

Cameron’s father has diabetes, so this wasn’t the first time that he had seen him rendered unconscious by hypoglycemic shock. The difference this time was that the only available phone around was his father’s and he didn’t know it’s password.

He tried guessing his father’s password, but he couldn’t get it right, he then tried to get help from their next-door neighbors, but they weren’t present. This is what made him resort to a more drastic measure of getting his father help, cycling down to his grandmother’s house that was a bit far from where they lived.

Hit the ground cycling

To get to the highway, Cameron managed to get across four lanes of busy traffic. Many cars passed him by without a care, and only a few motorists called 911 when they saw him riding down Highway 25.

Cameron eventually got spotted by Keller Sutherland, his first-grade teacher. Sutherland who has two children said that she found it unusual that a kid that young would be cycling down a congested highway.

Trusting her mothering instincts, she turned her car around to find out where he’s going and why.

A happy ending

At first, Sutherland hadn’t realized that the kid on the bike was Cameron, an old student of hers. There being acquaintances helped reassure Cameron so when he was asked to explain his situation he managed to do so calmly. Sutherland then called 911 who arrived where they were but since Cameron couldn’t recall his home address he had to ride with his teacher with the EMTs in tow until they got there.

The EMTs were able to normalize Cameron’s father’s blood sugar level. Sutherland also offered him some crackers she had bought earlier that would help with his recovery.

Before spotting Cameron, Sutherland had been having a bad day at work plus her usual Wednesday afternoon meetings got canceled, so she left early. If it weren’t for these canceled meetings, she wouldn’t have been able to spot Cameron.

She had been considering switching careers lately because she felt that she wasn’t making that much of a positive impact on her learners’ lives. Her encounter with Cameron and his dad has helped rekindle her initial love of the profession.

Sutherland said that this happened at the right moment and time, so she doesn’t believe that this was mere coincidence.

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