6 of Worlds Newest Health Trends.

Everybody is concerned about their health, on a yearly basis, there are new health trends that gradually becomes adopted by people. Some new health trends get a few fans, others become so popular it becomes a new culture. These are six new health trends out there that people are trying in mass.
1. Drinking Matcha
Matcha is the new culture in town. It is one of the most popular new health trends now. Matcha has alot of antioxidants which is good for the body.

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2. Sugar Detoxification
Sugar Detoxification is another recent health trend. Sugar detoxing is the new version of quitting carbs. Since it was revealed last year that sugar manufacturers bribed scientists to undermine the fact that sugar plays a vital role in the occurrence of heart-related disease, people are now stepping up on sugar detoxification.
3. Healthy Recipe Videos
Another recent health trend is the rise in the popularity of healthy recipe videos. Healthy recipe videos is taking over virtually all social media networks. People are using these videos as a way to disseminate information about new healthy recipes. There are now several fans of healthy recipe videos. Popular among them are women of ages 18 to 24.
4. Activated Charcoal
The use of activated charcoal is another health and wellness trend that is gradually gaining popularity. Activated Charcoal is very good for skin care. It is a good treatment for acne, inflammation of the skin, treatment of insect bites among others.
5. Chia Seeds
Chia Seeds is one of the latest health trends in town. They are rich in protein and alpha-linolenic acid which are very good for the body. Chia seeds have gotten celebrity status as the latest superfood fad. Chia seeds absorb liquid easily thereby making it a great addition to other foods like oats and pancakes.
6. Coconut Flour
Coconut oil and Coconut water has been around for a while but the latest in the trend is Coconut Flour. Coconut Flour is now a healthy food trend and is a proven way to add coconut flavor to baked food. It also has amazing nutrients among which includes fiber.

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