50 Years After They Met, This Couple Tracked Down Their First Photo at Woodstock


Nowadays, saving photographs can be easily done in an instant. But for one couple, it took 50 years for them to find the first photo they ever had together. Although they fell in love right away, they weren’t able to take a photo of their first meeting.

However, they started wondering if someone else might have snapped a photo of them at the event. This innocent thought of theirs started their incredible journey of finding a once-in-a-lifetime photo.

First meeting

Today, Jerry Griffin is 72 years old and his wife Judy is 71 years old. Once you learn about their story, you may change your mind about fate. This lovestruck couple has been together for 50 years – since that fateful day in Woodstock back in 1969.

With thousands of people attending this music festival, you might wonder – how did they meet?

As Judy was on her way to the event with her friends on the 15th of August that year, she felt dismayed as their vehicle broke down.

Since they really wanted to attend Woodstock, Judy and her friends made the choice to hitchhike all the way to the venue! As luck would have it, Jerry and his friends passed through the same road.

When they noticed the distressed group of girls, Jerry made the decision to pull over and give them a ride. Since Judy really wanted to attend the event, she placed her faith in this group of music fans.

As she climbed into the backseat of Jerry’s car, she never thought that she would also embark on the greatest love story of her life.

Stuck like glue

As soon as they started their journey, Jerry and Judy began chatting as if they had known one another all their lives. The moment they arrived at Woodstock, they stuck with each other like glue, never leaving each other’s side for a single moment.

While the stunning environment and the music entranced their friends, Jerry and Judy felt entranced with each other.

While they discussed their ambitions and dreams, they discovered that they both wanted to move to California.

They had a shared goal that defined their future together. Five months after the event, they decided to move as a couple to Los Angeles. In 1975, they got married and started a family.

Despite feeling so happy with their lives, they always felt this regret about not taking a photo at the festival that changed their lives forever.

With the help of their two children, they came up with a plan to track down the photo they wanted to have – surely someone must have taken a photo of them back then, right?

The first photograph

For years, Jerry and Judy searched for a picture of them from the festival but they always failed.  But everything changed when one of their friends found a trailer for a show entitled ” PBS’s Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a Generation.”

While watching the trailer, their friend spotted an image of the couple in the footage! When he shared this news with them, Jerry and Judy immediately searched for the trailer. As they watched it, they saw their younger selves cozied up together under a blanket.

Until now, the couple still can’t believe how their picture turned up in such an unlikely place after such a long time. Of course, they felt extremely grateful to their friend who came across the image that immortalized the time they spent at this memorable event.


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