40 Celebrity Divorces That Shocked the World


The rich and the famous live in a world that the rest of us cannot understand. We cannot fathom their lifestyles. We marvel at their beauty, and we devour all the gossip about them that we can get our hands on, especially when it comes down to their divorces. Celebrities don’t just get divorced, they have spectacles. Their divorces are enormous affairs that include more money, more lawyers and more publicity than your average person. Because they are not average people, they are famous and most importantly, they are rich.

Harold and Sue Ann Hamm

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that if you are in the oil business, then you are packing some heat in your bank account. The Hamm’s were certainly packing some serious heat when they got divorced. The amount that they finally settled on was so large that it could have rivaled the economy of a small country. Sue Ann walked away with just shy of $1 billion, and she did not stop there. She actually went back to court to ask for more money!


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