$250,000 Worth of Food for Free on April Fools by Cheesecake Factory – No Prank


The famous US-based restaurant chain The Cheesecake factory pulled an unexpected move on April 1.

This April Fools’ Day, this company gave out free food to ten thousand lucky customers. Isn’t that unexpected?

The Grand Giveaway

Last April, The Cheesecake factory partnered up with DoorDash, an on-demand service for food delivery. Starting from 4 pm EST, the first one thousand customers to order via the service received a free $25 gift card.

What’s even better is that the gift card could be used during the remainder of the week.

Ten thousand lucky customers with these gift cards redeemed $250,000 worth of food. The window of opportunity lasted just shy of five minutes. And those who were not among the first 10,000 had the opportunity to order food from the Cheesecake Factory via DoorDash with no delivery fee for the rest of the week.

This Was No Joke

When news first broke of the offer, customers were understandably skeptical. It seems like an offer too good to be true. When combined with the timing of a holiday based on pranks, it seemed like an obvious set up from the beginning.

But they were serious and went through with it.

In a press release, the founder and CEO of the Cheesecake Factory shared a sentimental message:

“On a day where most people play pranks and make jokes, we are so pleased to offer 10,000 of our guests something that is real and meaningful. We hope all of our guests will enjoy delivery from DoorDash throughout the week without a delivery fee.”

The Beginning of a Trend?

This has been one of the company’s biggest business collaborations in recent years.

However, it isn’t the first time that the Cheesecake Factory has partnered with Doordash for a giveaway.

Last fall, customers could claim a free slice of cheesecake in honor of the company’s birthday.

And although The Cheesecake Factory has giveaways rather frequently, it’s too early to tell whether or not this will become a yearly event. One thing is certain – it wouldn’t hurt to keep your eyes peeled and be prepared next time around.

This was seriously delicious

Although pranks may be satisfying and funny this company successfully pulled off a different approach to celebrating April Fools’ Day. Getting a delicious slice of free cheesecake must be one of the better ways of celebrating anything

And who knows, maybe these types of genuine offers are the best way to the hearts of fans worldwide?

One thing is for certain – the reception was overwhelmingly positive.

Whatever The Cheesecake factory decides to do for next April Fools’ we’re sure it will be rewarding and fun.

So set a reminder in your calendar and don’t miss out. Maybe next year you will be the one to get a delivery of free cheesecake, or take part in a different giveaway?

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